How to motivate your team of real estate agents

Kerryn Lyes, Published: Tue 12th Mar, 2019

Motivating your team for those weekend open homes, early morning starts, or late nights in the office can be a tough ask, but engaging your team at work will pay off in the long run.

According to one research report conducted in 2018, only 15% of workers worldwide are actively engaged in their job.

Effectively motivating your team could be the difference between excellence and mediocrity.

If there’s a task that’s absolutely essential to your master plan, but either by procrastination or other forces of evil, keeps being bumped down the list – try these methods to revive your colleagues and get it off the to-do list and into the done pile.

Get to know your team members

It can be helpful to recognise that we’re all motivated by slightly different factors. Motivating factors may include career advancement, autonomy, personal growth, recognition, responsibility, or even pure enjoyment of the work itself.

Within your office, each person may have a different motivational profile. Are they a rising star who just wants recognition, a hard-working parent supporting their family, or a driven performer who’s highly motivated by sales targets and commissions?

What’s the easiest way to learn what motivates people? Just ask!

Drive your team to towards a common goal

During Shackleton’s famously ill-fated Endurance expedition, he led his team through physical, mental, and emotional hardship, all the while maintaining positivity and a steadfast resolve to keep his men alive. While your real estate office is a long way off from the harsh realities of the south pole, strong leadership has a vital role to play in any business, particularly if you’re planning to sustain it through the highs and lows of a constantly shifting market.

Managers who are able to keep their teams engaged can significantly improve productivity and employee retention.

Lead from the front – sometimes

The job of a leader is not just to set an example, it’s also about letting your team find their feet and giving them credit for their own successes.

Sometimes, leadership is about stepping back and giving your team a level of autonomy. Oversee the task but only step in if they get stuck and ask for help.

Take ideas based on quality

Autonomy and personal growth are significant motivating factors in any workplace. Attrition is sometimes caused by managers with unrealistic expectations, however, undervaluing input or not encouraging career development can be just as bad. Listen to your team and always assume they know something you don't.

Acknowledge that it may be something they don’t want to do, then bring the conversation round to possible solutions.

Ask your team. Is there a better way? Blerb was created with this question in mind, it speeds up the property advertising process so real estate agents can focus on building relationships with vendors, buyers, and colleagues.

Whether you’re a new leader or an established boss, a motivated team is a successful one. So, get out there and inspire!

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