Unlock your real estate selling superpowers with AR & AI

Kerryn Lyes, Published: Wed 8th May, 2019

You are living in an age of unprecedented global change. On a daily basis, new technology is driving hundreds of small changes in how your customers live, work, and spend their free time. How does this influence the biggest purchase they’ll make over a lifetime? And how will it change how you buy and sell homes?

In order to leverage powerful technology in your business, you must begin by understanding it.

Augmented Reality (AR) and the home buying experience

Augmented reality overlays images and information onto real world objects as you watch and interact. While augmented reality is very common in social media and gaming, it also has practical applications in a wide range of industries, including real estate.

As augmented reality tech becomes more sophisticated, potential buyers will be able to envisage renovations from within an open home or virtual tour.

Over in the UK, the Dulux visualiser replaces test-pots by showing customers what different paint colours would look like in any given room. It also lets would-be-renovators take colour swatches from their physical environment, or capture footage of the augmented space to share with their friends and family.

Similar technology can also be used to trial kitchen configurations, select appliance colours, record a floorplan in minutes, estimate renovation costs by square meterage, or reimagine a space with different furniture.

Get onboard now and start thinking of how you could integrate Augmented Reality into your business.

Artificial Intelligence and the home selling process

Artificial intelligence is an often misunderstood term. It may bring to mind scenes of human-like robots taking over the world. In reality, AI is a broad term that covers the branch of computer science which focuses on developing machines that can think and learn.

AI is all around us and it is dramatically changing how people manage their time and money. It works behind the scenes in everything from Gmail autoresponders and Netflix show suggestions to the apps you use on a daily basis (and, of course, when you write an ad using Blerb).

AI can also process large amounts of data very quickly. This unlocks new insights into buying behaviour which, in turn, can almost instantly match available listings with an individual buyer.

Applications and sophisticated information platforms are gradually replacing the online directories and newspaper listings of yesteryear.

As a real estate agent, you can use AI to take over many of the menial tasks that used to take up so much of your time and direct more energy towards building genuine relationships with your customers.

Your customers are researching online with the help of AI. Find ways to meet them there, and guide them to all the information they need to make an informed home buying decision.

Whether it’s through social media content, chatbots, ad writing software, property market forecasting, or a myriad of other applications, real estate agents who effectively harness AI will have the potential to perform at an almost superhuman level.

Until next time,

Happy listing!

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