How to come up with real estate content ideas

Kerryn Lyes, Published: Wed 31st Jul, 2019

Staring at your screen and stuck for real estate content ideas? Here are a few quick ways you can find content inspiration from the past, present, and future.

Review conversations with your previous clients

Regardless of your industry, finding out what your customers care about is a great place to start. Following a successful sale, spend some time going over the conversations you've had with your vendor and write down some of the questions they’ve asked you over the course of the sale. If you do this for every listing, some themes will likely emerge which tell you a lot about your customers’ hopes, dreams, and concerns.

Quick tip: Your email outbox is a content goldmine! Search your outbox for emails that answer clients' questions, and spin them into content for your digital marketing efforts. Use a conversational tone, and hash out a few answers to those FAQ’s.

Search online

Running a Google search is a really quick way to get a bird's eye view of relevant topics. Google pulls information from all around the world and adjusts the results based on thousands of previous user interactions.

Try searching for a phrase like “how to prepare for an open home”. Scan the results and have a look at the ‘people also search’ box. This is a really quick way to find relevant questions your content could answer. You can also use a tool like Answer The Public, which gives you hundreds of content ideas based on what people are searching.

Draw inspiration from current listings

Share snippets from the day in the life of a real estate agent. With this type of content, you can share information about your current listings in more interesting ways while also showing new customers how you might handle their sale.

Look to the future

The forward-thinking agent will often trump one that’s stuck in the past. Keep up to date with changes in your industry and educate your audience as you learn.

Answer questions like: What trends will be hitting the real estate market next year? What new developments are being made in housing technology? What will real estate look like in 2050?

Work with your network

If you’re still stuck for ideas, remember that selling property is all about relationships. A problem shared is a problem halved. You’re a natural networker, so talk to your mentors (or mentees) and come up with some collaborative content that you can all benefit from.

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Happy listing!

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