Write a better real estate flyer using these 10 tips

Kerryn Lyes, Published: Fri 16th Aug, 2019

While so much of marketing has gone digital these days, letterbox drops and flyers still hold a valuable place in any agent's tool kit. Next time you're running a letterbox drop, here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind.

1) Personalise your message as much as possible

We all have different priorities. A message about downsizing that’s dropped in an apartment letterbox will likely fall on deaf ears! Think about who lives in your area and find out what they care about.

Frame your message around your prospects questions, hopes, or concerns.

2) Spend more time on your headline

The opening sentence is your first opportunity to capture your reader’s attention. Don’t waste that opportunity, do your best to communicate flag the immediate benefit for the reader.

What will I gain if I read your flyer? Lead with that single point.

3) Experiment with different messaging

Don’t be afraid to try out different headlines or experiment with a different angle. You won’t always be catching people when they’re ready to sell their home. Keep this in mind and create a flyer that’s useful to people at different stages in their property journey.

There’s a fine line between repetition and being just plain annoying, so avoid sending out the same flyer week after week.

4) Include an offer

Remember, people are motivated when they stand to gain something directly by taking action.

Your offer could be as simple as a free property appraisal, a no obligation chat, or the chance to enter a competition you’re running on social media.

5) Ask for action

When I have finished reading your flyer, what should I do next?

Your call to action could be as simple as a request to: follow you on social media, sign up to your mailing list, or give you a call.

Include WHAT you want people to do and WHY it’s going to be worth their while.

6) Back up your claims with client testimonials

For example, if your message is framed around helping people to downsize, include a testimonial from one of your recent client’s who you supported to do just that!

7) Establish authority by showing your knowledge of the local market

Experiment with referencing local conditions and recent sales. Be specific, but keep it concise.

8) Show your personality

Your flyer is a way to connect with potential customers, so show them who you are and what you have to offer.

9) Try novel formats

Whether it’s opting for a hand-written letter, an unusually shaped flyer, or even a small gift - a different format is a great way to stick out from the other ‘junk mail’. Just make sure your new format adds value for the recipient.

10) Create a consistent voice and message across all your marketing channels

Compelling content motivates the market, but a flyer alone will not sell houses. Building a successful career in real estate is about consistently showing up, working hard, and some good old fashioned trial and error.

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