20 ways to thrive in 2020

Tim Cronin, Published: Wed 5th Feb, 2020

A new year gives many people a sense of a possibility. It's a fresh start. Another 365 (or 366) days to get things done. In this spirit, we've put together a list of twenty tips to help you get the most out of your time and truly thrive this year.


  1. Automate business systems to increase your efficiency and provide impeccable customer service

  2. Bring meaning to your work by thinking big. When you focus on what inspires you - you’ll find fresh motivation each day to get things done.

  3. Network the house down. At its core, real estate is about connecting with people. So get out there and connect.

  4. Find a mentor, or become one!

  5. Update your marketing channels for the roaring twenties. Homeowners expect a digital strategy. If you’re not utilising social media, then you’re missing a huge opportunity to reach buyers and impress your vendors.

  6. Follow-up on leads. This is by no means an original point. Real estate coaches from Tom Ferry to Josh Phegan have extensively covered the topic of converting leads. But it’s still so important, online marketing can bring you leads, but you still have to turn them into customers.

  7. Invest in your brand.

  8. Start conversations with your clients - what do they love, what do they hate?

  9. Be yourself.

  10. Tidy up your inbox. While email is often the first task you hit when you get to work, it may not be the high-value activity that it sometimes seems. Mail servers now have several different ways to order your email, and Gmail even has a pretty sophisticated auto-reply AI. Use these tools to your advantage (you know your competitors will be). Keep reading the newsletters that give you value, unsubscribe from those that don't! Provide feedback to those that ask for it - you'll quickly transform your email inbox from a headache-inducing, blood-pressure-raising mess into a highly efficient, life-enriching resource.


  1. Take up a new hobby and employ multidisciplinary thinking.

  2. Figure out what you want and aim for it- this goes for your career, your lifestyle, relationships, and maybe even your legacy.

  3. Nurture your relationships - be present with the people you care about and keep your phone away from the dinner table. Technology has, in some ways, made us more connected than ever, but it can also get in the way of those meaningful moments with friends and family.

  4. Do something for yourself.

  5. Do something for others.

  6. Track your time for a week.

  7. Ditch the new year’s resolution in favour of a new decade resolution.

  8. Look after your body - sleep, eat well, and move.

  9. Celebrate your wins.

  10. And...breathe!

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