5 websites for niche property listings

Kerryn Lyes, Published: Sat 15th Dec, 2018

While there are some websites that most New Zealand real estate agents use, properties that don’t generate broad appeal may struggle to cut through on standard platforms. To reap the rewards of a niche marketing approach, some more strategic placement is required. Beyond TradeMe Property and realestate.co.nz, targeted digital placement is a cost-effective way of getting your listing in front of the right people.

Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

  1. Hougarden

In 2013, the Chinese population in New Zealand was 0.20 million and projected to grow to between 0.38–0.50 million by 2038. This presents Chinese property buyers as a relatively fast-growing niche.

Hougarden is a property marketing platform made specifically for Chinese buyers. While the majority of Hougarden users are Chinese New Zealanders, 20% of the platform’s visitors come from mainland China. Hougarden has a range of promotional options available from standard listings right up to luxury real estate packages.

  1. Neighbourly

Using location-specific websites and community platforms is an easy way to reach a smaller group of highly relevant buyers. Being an active member of your own community can also provide a foray into local social circles.

Neighbourly is one way to improve your visibility and build trust with the locals. If you focus on a specific neighbourhood, consider including Neighbourly in your social media mix.
You can ask your vendor if they use Neighbourly and suggest that they make a post to let neighbours know they’re selling in the area. There are also paid advertising options on Neighbourly which are available through Stuff.

  1. Ecobob

Ecobob is all about eco-friendly living, where you can do anything from finding eco-friendly products to listing a house for sale. It costs less than $100 to list a home on Ecobob and it’s highly targeted to an environmentally conscious audience.

  1. One Roof

Launched in 2017, NZME’s One Roof lets buyers search by affordability, school zones, commute length, new homes, or investment. This search feature makes it easy for buyers to find relevant properties based on their requirements. It includes more general information such as market trends and crime statistics in certain areas, so you could also use it as a tool to research your niche.

  1. Open 2 View, Farm & Ag

Open 2 View is a real estate platform that services America, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. They also offer photography and virtual tour services that run in tandem with the website.

Open 2 View’s farming and agricultural section is ideal for placing rural home & income properties, particularly if they incorporate a working farm or agricultural business.

Niche-specific placements such as these are a great way reach buyers who share the seller’s values. Remember, find your niche and speak to it. A targeted approach reduces the chance of wasting your budget on disinterested buyers, particularly when the home in question is somewhat of an acquired taste!

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