Working in real estate - Could a holiday be good for business?

Kerryn Lyes, Published: Tue 17th Dec, 2019

When you work in real estate, you’re never far from the work/life balance debate. During December, this discussion becomes even more relevant. The Christmas period is the perfect time to switch off your phone, lock your laptop in the bottom drawer (maybe even throw away the key), and spend some quality time with the most important people in your life.

At this time of year, the property market usually slows and everyone else is off to the bach - so why aren’t you? With New Year’s Resolutions, ambitious goals, and your drive for success all weighing heavy on your mind - there’s mounting pressure to build on the momentum you’ve been gaining all year. This raises the question - Can you rest AND be the best?

The real estate industry is somewhat infamous for its ‘hustle’ culture. And of course, you’ll have to make thousands of phone calls, miss some social events, and work some days that are powered only by copious amounts of caffeine and your enthusiasm for the industry. However, some research suggests that failing to rest could actually harm your productivity, negatively impact your health, and even take a toll on your relationships outside of work. In one study, an American Analytics firm, Gallup, ranked unmanageable workload and time pressures among the top 5 reasons for employee burnout. Once you’re in a state of burnout, it becomes really difficult to get anything done at all - it’s your body’s way of saying “Hang on a minute, I seriously need a break.”

Happiness breeds productivity

A happy, engaged workforce is an effective one - and it’s just not possible to achieve that if people don’t have any time to themselves. In the Harvard Business Review, Shawn Achor writes ”...“the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged brain.” To be truly engaged at work, your brain needs periodic breaks to gain a fresh perspective and energy.” His research suggests that people who take holidays are more likely to be rewarded with a promotion or a pay rise.

Make your holiday count

Scheduling a holiday is no use at all if you still spend all your time checking emails, wondering if you forgot to lock the office door, and fretting about all the things you won’t be getting done this week.

Here are 4 things to do before you head away on holiday to make sure it’s more than just a change in the view from your desk.

1. Write out a plan for when you get back

There are several benefits to writing a to-do list or plan before you go away; it’ll reduce your mental load, help you relax, and make it easier to transition back to ‘work mode’ when you return.

2. Plan your holiday

All holidays are not created equal, and if not planned properly, they can end up being more stressful than being at work! Plan where you’ll go, book your accommodation, scout out some day trips, plan a loose menu (with plenty of snacks), and you’ll slide right into holiday mode within minutes.

3. Set processes in place

If you have a skeleton crew starting back early, give them all the resources they need to resolve any issues without your help.

Let your customers know that you’re going off the grid with an out-of-office email or social media post including how long you'll be gone, when you'll be back, and an alternate contact person if needed.

4. Turn off your phone (gasp)!

Controversial as it sounds - this is a serious stress reliever. Turning off your phone will break the last tie between you and your working mindset. Even if it’s just for one day, try it out and let us know how you go.

So what are you waiting for? Write those lists, pack your suitcase, and book that bach. A relaxing holiday will see you return to work with new energy, vigour, and focus - refreshed and ready to tackle your goals in the new year.

Bon voyage! The team at Blerb

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