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Developed specifically for Kiwi real estate agents, Blerb is the tool that will help you create high quality advert copy in a matter of minutes.

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Don’t you have better things to do than writing ads?

When it comes to real estate, time really is money. Time spent out of the office – meeting new clients, negotiating contracts and bringing deals together – is valuable. Time spent stuck in front of your computer screen is not. That’s why we created Blerb, the user-friendly tool that produces professional marketing content in just minutes.

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With Blerb you’ll...

Create attention-grabbing content that attracts buyers to your listings.

Spend less ‘dead-time’ in front of your screen, and more productive time in front of clients.

Add value to the service you offer by improving your marketing.

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Better for your entire team

If you’re a business owner, Blerb will raise the standard of your entire operation. Nothing undermines credibility faster than poor grammar and badly written text. Conversely, nothing tells a vendor that you value their business more than compelling content that captures the essence of their property and motivates the market.

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Create professional marketing content in a matter of minutes with Blerb, the online tool that will save you time, and help you make money!

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